Martijn van der linden was born on may 11th, 1968 in Hilversum. He studied violin on the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. From 1994 -2005 Martijn was 1st violinist of tango orchestra Sexteto Canyengue, which is lead by mr. Carel Kraayenhof. In this group he has been touring around the world ,from Alaska to Siberia. Nowadays he dedicates himeself to two new projects: Racing CLub Tango, a tango quinteto, and Cuarteto Recopado, a string quartet that plays own tango arrangements

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Racing Club Tango - Quinteto

Racing Club Tango is an Argentine/Dutch group in which a new generation of musicians puts its mark on the tango tradition. Everything Racing Club plays is undoubtedly tango; thrilling, melancholy, rousing and very danceable. They effortlessly interweave elements from Argentine folklore, traditional Latin American music and jazz in their tangos without denying their strong roots in Buenos Aires. Racing Club is “the real thing” or “posta posta” as the porteños say. During each performance their special bond with this music becomes tangible.

Martijn van der Linden - Violin, Santiago Cimadevilla - Bandoneon,
Mark Wijman - Piano, Daniel Lehmann - Double Bass & Marcos Di Paolo - Guitar.
Maria Jose Ortiz - vocals



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